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    nexgen-knee-recallMIOT Hospitals a leading multi specialty hospital in Chennai India.

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    nexgen-knee-recallJoint for Life is a Unique Concept from MIOT Hospitals

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    nexgen-knee-recallFounder and Mentor, Padmashri Prof. Dr. P. V. A. Mohandas

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Joints need replacing for a variety of reasons

The bone housing the joint may break following injury or through weakness from bone disease.
The patient may have an illness or chronic condition that affects the joint and destroys it.
The blood supply to the joint may be reduced partially or completely.
The joint may have worn out with age.

People have different jobs, requiring them to perform certain activities. Some patients may have muscle weakness owing to disuse or long standing nerve problems in the limb needing joint replacement. Patients come in various shapes and sizes. A joint that does not fit fails to function. A badly fitting joint produces another serious problem – it loosens quickly needing to be removed and the patient is back to square one.

These factors need to be taken into consideration

  • What is the nature of the problem that necessitates joint surgery?
  • Is the joint disease cured following operation or is the underlying bone continuing to change as the disease progresses?
  • What kind of shape and size is the patient?
  • Does the implant fit perfectly?
  • What are the kinds of activity essential to the patient after recovering from surgery?
  • Does the joint replacing unit have the capability of bacteria – free instruments and theatres, computer navigation and facility to perform minimally invasive surgery to prevent post – op complications?

Joint for Life – A Unique Concept from MIOT Hospitals

Only a unit that is able to answer all these questions affirmatively and has a wide range of implants to suit every patient is in a position to provide “A joint for Life.” MIOT Hospitals is such a unit and would like to promise all patients undergoing joint replacement surgery ‘a joint for life.’

The Joint for Life concept has been developed based on MIOT Hospitals research, backed with an experience of 37 years of having conducted over 37,500 Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries and Revision Surgeries.

Joint for Life

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